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Related post: Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 16:13:45 +0000 From: SEE PAM20 Subject: pam part 12 incest (fF)There i was laying on my side' Facing her' And there she was' laying on her back with her legs spread wide out' And her knee up in between my legs to my crotch. I just laid there for a sex 16 year nude long time with out making a move. And i could feel her 12 year xxx pic knee pushing up in between my legs' And i could start to feel my pussy getting wetter. And then real slow i started to move my knee over her inside thigh' Until i got my knee right up childrens 13 years nudes to where her panty line starts.Then i just stop right there for awhile until i felt her pushing in to my crotch more. And then i moved my knee over panties' And i felt her wetness! And then i felt her hand that was on her other side of her' Go over to my knee' And i just froze right there. Her hand was not moving are nothing' It just stay on my knee. And then i look up at her eyes and they where still closed.And then about fifteen minutes i started to young sexy 15 years push my knee in to her crotch a little' But not hard. And then i felt her hand start to push down on my knee' And then i felt her knee that was between my legs start to push harder in to me. And then i started to move my hips a little to a rocking motion. But i did it real slow. It felt real good her having her knee in to my crotch.And then she started to 13 year olds tits push her pelvis upwards' While her hand pushed down on my knee. And then i started to hear her breath more rapidly' This went on for a long time until i felt her stop at mid air' And i felt her cum! I know it had to be a cum!! Because she let out real quit moan and let out a deep breath when she got done' And i felt my knee 15 year girl sex get a lot wetter' And i could smell her pussy to.And then she just relaxed' And then i started to feel myself cumming! 14 year porn pictures I was rubbing my crotch back and forth real slow on her knee' And then i squeezes my legs tight on porno 10 years girls her knee and started pushing hard on her knee with my pussy. 14 year nude And then i just shook! And held my breath until the feeling nude girls 16 years was over with. And then i relaxed .I sixteen girl year topless just stayed still for a while until she started to move around' And then she turned over on her side with her back to me and 16years old fuck then i turned over on my side away from her and went to sleep.That morning i awoke with the sound of mandy on the phone' But i did not ask her who she was talking to. And i notices that mandy had put her khakis back on and she still had her white short sleeve tee shirt on to' With no bra on .As i finally got up' I put my denim shorts back on. I toples 16 year olds had slept in my pink mist top' so i just left it on. And then i went to the bathroom to take a pee' While i was peeing' I put my hand down in between my legs and pee all over my hand. I don't know what made me do that. And then i started to masturbated on the toilet. I leaned back and started playing 12 year sex naked with my topless 14 year clit real fast' And it did not take me long to cum! And then i took a shower while i was in there' And when i got done' I thought' shit! I should of got me some clean panties' But i did not plan on taking fuck teen 16 years a shower' So i put my old smelling panties back on.When i walked in to the bed 14 years old sex room mandy was off the phone. And i said' So what to you want to do today' And mandy said' I don't know' I have a game to go to tonight. And i said' I know that! I am talking about today. And mandy said' I know right now i am going to eat! Mom should have breakfast done.So then we both went and eat breakfast' And Mandy's mom said' I am going 16 year old ass in to town' So if you girls want to come' Get some cloths on! And i mean a bra to! And then she said' That means you to pam! So i went and changed in to some jeans' And i put on a bra and a light red blouses 'That defloration real 15 year belong to mandy' And mandy put a bra on' But let the same cloths on.The rest of the day we went to the shopping malls with Mandy's mom' And that night i went to Mandy's game to watch her cheerlead. And that night mandy had her friend melissa spent the night to. So that meant i could not get close to mandy that night' And besides she was giving melissa more attention then me that night!That night we just played games and talk a lot on the phone and eat and 14 year xxx girls eat. And then went to bed. Melissa did sleep in a sleeping beg on the side of the bed' And mandy slept way on 14 year-old nudes 12 years old nubiles the other side of the bed this time. But that was because melissa was here. But i was to scared to try and touch her anyway while melissa was non-nude 14 yearolds there.Well all through the week i stayed most of the time over my aunts house while my mommy worked grave yard shift. I only stayed over Mandy's house one night and that was monday night' But nothing happen' Mandy slept on the other side of the bed again' And i was started to feel sad about it' until i figure out why' Tuesday morning she was bitching about her period starting' And i thought' Wow that's why she slept away from me. Well that morning we hurry up and got ready for school.After school i took the bus over to my house to spent time with my mommy until she took me back over my aunts house. Now i was looking at my mommy a whole different way' Ever seen i started thinking about the time i used to take baths with her when i was little' I just could not get that thought out of my mind' And how she would have me wash her down below.My mommy was pretty looking for her age' She was thirty five years old' And she did have a good body to' I 16 years pussy say her breast where at lest 34c' And they did not sang that much at all' And the rest of her body was not bad' She did have a good butt to' And a nice little wiggle when she walk.My mommy away dressed good to' She always had nice cloths on and nice perfume. Her hair was like a dirty blonde and she had it down to her shoulder like mine. My mommy really did not date a lot ether. Unless she did not tell me. I really never knew my dad' She raised me by herself' And she never got marred again' But there where a few guys i remember that would spent the night. And there was this one guy' I thought she might marry.But i had no ideal how to approach my mommy' So i had to think of how i would touch her. The only thing i could think of was to sleep in the same bed with russian very young year her' And to snuggle up with her.I did know when my mommy took her pill that she was out cold' I did not know what kind of pill it was' Until i got older' But i know that she had to take them to sleep good and they did knock her out good.Well after i spent the rest of the day with mommy' She took me back over to my aunts house on her why to work that night' But nothing 13 years teen sex happen with my aunt until friday morning' We did not have school that day' Because of some teacher meeting.But all through the week i did hung out with mandy' But i did not stay over there at nights' I think she was getting tired of me being over there all the time.When Thursday night came around i was feeling really horny' And all i could think about was to touch my aunt betty' Especial when i seen her in her light green short night gown just before she went to bed' And it was low cut to! Where you could see her breasts to! And you could see right through it to. That night before i went to sleep i masturbated myself to one good orgasms and then feel asleep.That morning i slept until about nine and when i woke up' I walked in to the liven room in my 16 years wet pussy white tee 14 years pussy fucked shirt and white panties' And there was my aunt betty sitting on the end of the sofa with her feet up on the sofa and her knees bent in watching t.v.She still had her night grown on from last night' And i could see her white panties and some of her pubic hair around her panties. I just stood there for a second and stretched my arms over my head and when i did i was looking at her eyes and her eyes went right teens yearspussy to my teens 13 year nudes panties while i was stretching out. And then my heart started beating real fast' And i started to get that feeling again that i wanted to touch my aunt.And then i went to the bathroom to pee. And after i shut the door i started walking back and forth thinking' I want to touch her...I want to touch her! But how do i do this. And i could feel my heart beating so fast and then i thought' I well pee in my panties a little. And then i sit down on the toilet with my panties on and pulled my tee shirt up a little and held it with my chen' And then i started to pee' I was just going to pee a little' But i could not stop it after it got going' And i thought' Shit! I got them soaking wet! So then i grab some toilet paper and started to wipe them where they where not soaking wet! But all that did was make little pieces of toilet paper on my panties. So i had to try and get all that off. And then i notices that my stomach had red blotches over it. And then i got up and look in the mirror at my shoulders and they had red blotches over it to.A long time ago my mommy told me that it was a heat rash. When i get real hot i usually get them' And i was hot and turned on. And then i put my hand over my heart And i could just feel it pounding because i was so turned on.And then i young nude sex 12years washed my hands and went back in to the liven room to go to the kitchen to fix me a bowl of cereal' And on my why to the kitchen i seen that my aunt still her knees pulled in to her' And her crotch was still showing and i seen a wet spot! And i knew my aunt seen my eyes looking at her crotch. It was so hard for me to even think after seeing a wet spot on her panties. I even spilled my milk trying to pour it in the bowl over my cereal. After i got my cereal' I went in to the liven room and sit down on the end of the sofa like she was' And pulled my knees in to me where she could get a good look at my soaked panties. And then i started to eat my cereal while i stared at her crotch. At first she did not look at me right away' But i started to notices her eyes going from the t.v. to my pee soaked panties and then back to the t.v. again.And then i could see her mouth opening up and shutting a lot' And i knew right then and there that she was started to get turned on' Then i notices that she started to take deep breaths' And then her eyes where looking at my panties more then the t.v. And i notices that the wet spot on her panties was getting bigger.And then i finished my cereal and got up and took the bowl to the kitchen sink. And then when i got xxx 17 years sex back to the sofa' I sit right next to her where my leg was touching russian porn 15 year her toes. And then i turned to her while i was pulling up my shirt and i said' Aunt betty! What's these red blotches on my stomach! And she said in a half gay 14 year old horse why while she cleared her throat and said' I don't...see...nothing. And then i looked down at my stomach and they where about all gone. And then i said' They where here! And then i pulled my shirt all the way up past porno - 17 years my little breasts and said' Are they still around my nick.And she said' Pam' I don't see nothing. And i looked at her eyes and they where looking right at my little breasts. And then i pulled my tee shirt all the way off and threw it to the side and said' Look at my shoulders! And she said' There is a little redness there. She said it while she run her fingers over my shoulders. And then she said' Pam its probably nothing.And then she said' Pam i smell pee. Why did you pee on your self like that! And then i started getting real nervous. But she had to know i pee in panties when she was 10-16 years sex fuck looking right at my panties a little bit ago. But she did not seem to be mad" Then i said in my whining voice' I don't know. And then i felt her foot pushing under teen xxx 15 years my leg. And then i drop my hand in between her legs and started moving my hand in between her legs real slow until i got just inches from her crotch. And then i felt her fingers back on my shoulder rubbing little circle around it. And then i could hear her breathing more 15 year girl xxx rapidly and then her foot that was close to the inside of the sofa' Moved 19 years old porn out from under my leg and she moved it behind me. And then i slowly started running my fingers up to her crotch' And then i seen her eyes closed' And she let out a long deep breath' Alone with a moan sound' And she said' ohhhh! pam this is all wrong! But it so hard for me to 16 years picture pussy tell you no!And i continue to rub my fingers all over her crotch to the out line of her panties' To feel her hairs sticking out' And then she moved her hand around my nick and started to pull me in between her legs where my face was right to her breast' And then i moved my arm around to her back'And my other hand went to her right breast' And now my face was pressed in to her other breast.And then i started to move my legs all the way on the sofa' And then i started to stretch my legs out. And then she started to moved down with me on her' And i felt her crotch push up in to my pelvis area while she was scooting down' Her grown raised up while she was moving down with me on her. And then i started to straddle 16 years pussy nude her leg' And i pressed my wet crotch in to her leg' And then she wrap her arms around me and started to hold me real tight while she was moaning and saying' ohh! pam you are so wet!! And then she started to pull me up to her face and then she held the sides of my face with both hands and looked in to my eyes and then teens porn 14-16 year we had a deep passionate kiss. And then i felt her tongue go in to my mouth' And then she let go of the sides 16 years old anal of my face and her hand went down to my thigh and she pushed it hard in to her crotch while her other hand was on the back of my head while she was kissing me.And then i started to feel her making a rocking motion to my thigh' While her other leg was pushing up in to my wet panties. And then she let lose of the back of my head and bent her nick back and closed her eyes and kept her mouth open and started making this noise' like ah! ah! ah! over and over.And she was breathing in and out with each noise that she made! And then i started to feel her panties getting wetter and wetter. nudes 16 years gallery And then i started looking at her face while she making all of those noises.And then i put my hand on her for head and then i felt her raise up hard on my thigh' And she let out that same sound like' ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! children 16 years ing ah! ah! And then she just let out a long deep breath and open her eye and looked me in the eyes and then she looked away real fast' And then i move my face down to the side of her nick to her ears. It seem like it all happen so fast.And then she wrapped her arms around me real tight. And then i started to hear her start to cry and then she started to say in my ear' She said it all real fast to' Oh pam promise me when you grow up that you wont hate me and think i am sick' I said' I won't aunt betty. And she continue to say real fast while she was crying' Oh pam you say that now but when you grow up your going to think i am sick and start... about what girls 15-17 years toppless we do. Then i said 'No i won't' And then she said still crying and talking fast' Oh' yes you well' say...that now...but when...when you grow up your....your going to...hate me. And then teenporn 15 years old i said it again' No i won't aunt betty. And then she said still talking fast' oh promise won't hate me pam...i don't want to lose you....your like a daughter to me. She was crying in my ear while she was saying all of this.And i said' Aunt betty i promise i wont. And then she said' Really baby. And i said' yes. And then she started kissing the side of my face.And then she started kissing all over my face and saying oh! pam! I believe you! She continue to kiss all over my face while her hand was on the back of my head playing with my hair and then her other hand started going down to the back of my panties to my butt hole. And then she slip her finger inside of my butt hole. And then i pushed my wet crotch in to her leg harder. And then we started kissing again and slipping each other tongues in our mouths' Back and forth'And then i started to feel myself cumming! teens 12 years pics And she could tell that i was getting ready to cum' She started rubbing her leg up hard against my crotch and pushing her finger in my butt hole deeper! And then she held the back of my head tight against the side of her face and i could hear her say' That it baby! cum for me! That's it!! And then i started to moan and 11year old girl porn hump on her leg! And then i started breathing really hard' And i held my crotch tight on her leg while i was cumming!After i had came' She just held me tight against her' And held my russian 12 year old face to the side of her nick' And then she said in to my ear in a whisper' Pam promise me again that when 16 years porno videos you grown up that you won't hate me' Are think i am sick' 17 years girl pussy And then i said' I promise. And then she said in to my ear' I love pam' And i said' I love you to aunt betty. And then she put both hands on the sides 12 year sex girl of my face and looked me in the eyes and said' I love pam. I just say' I love 12 years girls porn you to' And then she slowly pull my face down 12year schoolgirls pics free to her lips and started kissing me real passionately. And between each kiss' I 10-12 year girls nude could nudes vicky 16 years hear her say' I love you. I love you.And then she just held me tight for a long time' And then she said' Pam if i ask you to do me a favor would you not think that i am sick. And then i said' No' I wont think that. And then she said' You promise' And i said' I promise. And then she said' Well...pam i want pussy 13 years you do....Then the phone ringed and it made us both jump. And then she said' shit!And then i started to get up off of her and while she was going in to the dinner room to answer the phone' I said' Aunt betty you want me to take a bath' Because she always yells at me to take a bath after we get done. And she said' No sweetie. And then she answered the phone' I could hear her just watching want me to ask her......pam! Your mom wants to know if you want her to pick you up. And i just shook my head no. And then she continue to say....oh..I am not doing much....ok ....I well let you get to was 12 years sex pictures sitting on the sofa when aunt betty came back in to the liven room. And then she sit down beside me and put her arm around me and turned to me and said' Pam' What i want to ask you is...well' I don't want you do think that i am weird are something....ok baby. And then i said' I won't.And then she said in a nervous voice' Pam....I want you to....spank me....while i lay over your think you can do that....honey. Then i thought' Why does she want me to spank her' I hate it when my mommy would spank me.And then i said' Why. And she said' You think you can do that for me. And i said' teens 16year sex I guess. And then she said' Pam after you start to spank...I don't want you to stop until ....I..well...then...I...want you to put 15year fuck porn your fingers butt..after i tell you to stop spanking me...but....I to do 14 year teen porn at a time....but i don't want do it.....until i tell you to.....start putting them think you can do all of that 14 years photos nude for me sweetie. I said' I guess. And then she said' If all of this...I well do what you like so much.Then i said' really! And she said' really sweetie. I started to think that my seventeen years foto porno aunt is like a whole different persons now.And then she told me to sit in the middle 14years old girls of the sofa while she was standing up taking off her panties. And then i scooted down in the middle of the sofa. And then she said sweetie' Lean all the way back' And then she grab the pillow that was at the end of the sofa and put it across my lap' And then she lifted up her grown and laid across the pillow on my lap' And then she said' sweetie' Am i hurting your legs. I said' no.I looked down at her butt and i could till she was trying to arch her ass up as far as she could' And then i could see all the little 16 years sex galery hairs around her ass 16years old sexy girls hole' I mean there wasn't like there where a lot' But you could tell she did not shave.And then she said' ok' baby go ahead. And i could not non-nude 16 year olds figure out why she wanted me to spank her. I mean i was only twelve years old! Why would my aunt want me to spank her! So then i slap her ass 'Not hard' And then she said' Oh baby harder! And then i slap her again' And she said' harder! And then i did it again' And she kept saying harder! harder!I was slapping her ass until it was getting red and my hand was starting to hurt' And i started to hear her moan and saying' ah! oh! ah! yes!!And then she slip her hand Underneath her and started playing all around her pussy' While her other hand was hanging on to 15 years sex foto the end of the sofa. And then she said' oh baby spank me more!! And then i slap her ass again! and again! And then i could hear her going' oh yes! ah! ohh! ah! yes!And i could see her hand playing all around her pussy' And i could hear the wet sloshing sound all around in her pussy. And then i tilted my head a little to 20 yearsnude get a better look at her pussy. And i could see her fingers going all around her clit' And back to her pussy lips. 14 year teenboy free But she do not slip her fingers 15 years teens porno inside of her' she was just rubbing all around. And i could see a big wet spot on the pillow. I thought' She had to be peeing a little to get it that wet!And then she said' pam! Stop spanking me now!....And stick...your ..ass! She was breathing really loud while she was saying it. 13 year teen sexy Then i slip one finger in her ass' And then she tried to lift her ass up more. And then she continue to rub all around her pussy. And she kept moaning and raising her ass up to my finger while she rub her self like crazy.And then she said' oh pam!!! And then i slip two fingers in her' and she let out a long moan and said' ohhh!!! yess!!!! And i could see the pillow getting wetter and wetter. And then she said oh! put!!! xxx girl 10 years And then i slip three fingers in her ass. And then she raised her ass up more. And then i started to see all of her fingers going in and out of her pussy! And her ass kept riding my fingers up and down. And then she said' ohhhh!!!! put!! ohh!! meee!!!!And then i slip all four of my fingers in her ass' And then she let out a long loud moan. And then she said 'oh!!!! pam!!! ah!!! ah!!!! She was moving up and down to my fingers. And her fingers where going in and out of her pussy! And what a smell it was all making!!!And then she said' ohh!! ohh!! yes!! And then she said' Go in and out fast!! So i started going in and out real fast! But my hand was starting to hurt. And then she teenagers 13 year nude said' ohh!!! ahh!!! Put them in deep! And leave!! And then i pushed them in as far as i could' And then she started to raise up and down and saying' ah!!!! ah!!!! ah!!! She was saying it over and over.And then all of a sudden her ass just stop! And then it started to wiggle all around! And then she let out the loudest sound fucking 14 years old that i have ever heard her make' while she pushed up her ass to my fingers and held on to the side of the sofa' while her fingers where going in and out of her pussy. And then she just stop. And i seen her body just tighten up' And then she just shook all over' And her ass was still wiggle around after she had came.I was glad that it was over with' my wrist was starting to hurt. And then she just stayed still for a little bit until she got her breath back. And i looked down at the pillow and it was soaking wet. And then 14-years-old sex she started to get up. And then she picked up her panties and took the pillow with her to the bathroom. I guess she was going to wash the pillow case.I just got up and got my tee shirt' And i put it back on' And went to the kitchen to wash my hands and to got me a drink of water. And 14 year nude boy then i went to the bathroom where aunt betty was and she was washing the pillow case in the sink. Then i said' Aunt betty' Your not mad at me' are you' did i do it right. She just said yes in a nervous why. And then she said' Pam i am going to 12 to 15years teennude take nip. She would not look at me. Then i said' can i take a nip with you' And she porno 14year said on her why out the door carry the pillow and the pillow case' I don't care pam.Then i followed her to the bed room and she put the pillow back in the pillow case and threw it to the side. And then she went to the dresser drawers years old cum movie and got some clean panties and put them on' And then she climb in to bed Underneath the cover and turned on her side. Then i crawled under the cover with her and started to snuggle up right behind her' And then i started to run my hand down to her butt and she said' Pam' I want to sleep right now' ok.Then i said' can we still do what i want later' And she said' yes' now let me sleep 'ok. She almost sounded like she was about to cry again. So then i got out of bed and left her petite 14 years along and went and called mandy to see what she was doing.I asked mandy if she wanted me to come over there tonight and she said' Well i have a game tonight and me and some of the girls are planning on going over to kims house. Then i said' oh' ok. And then she said' You can spent the night tomorrow night. And i said' ok' cool! Then we just talk for a while on the phone and then i went to my room and watch t.v. for about a hour. And then i went back 14 years nude photo to my aunt betty's bed room' And crawl back in bed Underneath the cover right next to her.And my aunt was still sleeping on her side' So i curled up next to her and put my arm around her' And then i pushed my crotch in to her butt' And real slowly i started to feel her breasts. teen 14 years sex And then she started to wake up and said in a sleepy voice' mmmmm' what time is it' I said' about eleven thirty' And she said mmm' ok. Then she said' Pam do you still have on the same panties' I smell pee.I really did not know what to say' So i just did not say anything. So instead i started to run my hand down in between her legs until i gallery 14 years nudist got to her crotch' And then i started to run naked 12 year pic my fingers over her panties' And when i did she started to stretch her self out and she let out a long moan. And then i felt her tighten up on my hand and then she kind of shook. And then she let her legs losing up where i could dig my fingers in her crotch through her panties. And i could feel the heat and the moistness on her panties.And then she started to move around where she was laying on her back and said in a whisper to me' Pam put your fingers inside of me. Then i slip my hand in to her panties and slip my fingers in her' And she let out a quit long moan' And then i started to go in and out of 12 year old petite her pussy hole. And then she put her arm around to my 14year naked back and pulled me in to her breast' And then she started to pull her girl 13 years porn grown down where one of her breast was hanging out' And then she lifted up her breast and with her other hand she pushed the back of my head to her nipple.Then i started to suck on it while i fingered her pussy' And she started to breath real heaving' And i felt her hand go in to her panties and she started to play around with her clit while i had three fingers going in and out of her pussy hole. And she started to get louder and louder with her moans. And then i felt her fingers go around to my fingers and back up to her clit' I think she was getting her clit all wet. And then she started to spread her legs out more and i could till she was about to cum.I was sucking away on her nipple and she was running her 14 year nude teens fingers through my hair' And then i felt her hand on the back of my head pushing hard to her breast' And then i felt the inside of her pussy tighten 13 years old tits up on me and then she let out a' ahhhh!! ohhhh!! sound. And she was rubbing her clit about as fast as she could.And then she just stop! And relaxed' And 15 years sex video she let go of my head and said' oh god Pam its hot in hear! And then she started to get up and go to the bathroom' And i was right behind her. And then she pulled down her panties and she sit down on 12years girl child porno the toilet and i said' Aunt betty in my whining voice' I want to watch! You said i can do what i like! And she let out a ohhhh!! sound and said' ok pam" I did say it.Then i said' can you put your panties back on' And she said' oh pam can you just watch me pee! Then i said' Well can i put my hand down there while you pee' 15years babys porn And she said in a whatever way' 17 year old nudes I guess! Then i pulled my tee shirt off and got on my knee and said' wait until....i say' And she said' Pam i photos girls 13 years have to pee! And i said' Well..I...waited until you said. And then she said' ok! just hurry! And i said' You want me to lock the door' And she said' no! The front door is all ready locked' So i can hear him if he comes home.Then 11 year boy sex i slip my hand in to my panties and started rubbing my clit real fast! I just knew i could make my self cum really fast.Then i started to circling around my clit real fast! And watching her pussy! And then i said while i was breathing hard' play nipp..le! And then she reached down and started squeezing my little nipples' And she was doing both of them the same time. Oh! 2007 hairdresser year cork The feeling i was feeling! My heart was beating xxx 13-17 years old a mile a minute!! And then i took my other hand and put it over her pussy' And i was just about to cum russian 10 years porno when she said' hurry pam!!Then i said' ok!!!! And then she started to pee all over my hand' And then i started to cum! I let out a quit long moan' And then i felt the sensation all the way down to my legs. And i kept rubbing my clit until the feeling was gone. And the time she got done peeing all over my hand' Was the time it was over with.And then when it was over with' She said' Ok pam take a bath!! You smell like pee!! Then i got up and grab my tee shirt and went to my room to get me some clean cloths' And then i went to the other bathroom to take a bath.end of part 12 If you like the pam stories' And want me to kept going' Then let me know at
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